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Web Re-Engineering

The idea of re-engineering a website is not necessarily new, but the development of re-engineering as a modern concept for business derived from a 1990 article by MIT professor Michael Hammer. In this article, published in Harvard Business Review, Dr. Hammer argued that a business should reduce and remove any business activities that do not actually work for the good of its customers. By the early years of the 1990s, businesses around the United States were adopting re-engineering as a useful improvement process.


Features of re-engineering a website include several important elements. For one, re-engineering cannot proceed without the full support of a company’s upper management. With management’s approval, those responsible develop a clear plan of review and a vision for what the results will yield. re-engineering is also known for using information technology to forecast a company’s goals and create the necessary databases and networks it can use to create smooth business process.


Re-engineering a website offers a number of benefits for overall marketing efforts.   The re-engineering process identifies elements of an website that are creating costs with few benefits and then make the necessary adjustments.


Pros and cons aside, re-engineering a website has produced verifiable results for a number of large companies. T.

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