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Logo Design

The logo design is a very important aspect of your company. In fact, a logo design can either make or break the image of an organization. This is why it is crucial that you pay attention to the logo design and make sure that it is made to influence so that people and your customers in general can view your company as positive.

I have seen many companies that get their logo designs made for hundreds or even thousands of dollars but unfortunately these logos aren’t beneficial at all because they never bring in the customers or appeal that is needed. This is why I am going to focus on the factors that make up a good logo Design in this blog. So, the next time you want to get a logo design made for your business, make sure you take this checklist with you and choose a logo according to it.

Factor #1:

The first and most basic rule of logo designing is to keep it simple. Many of you might be shocked to know this because there is a misconception that a logo design needs to be complicated to be influential. This is not true in the least, a complicated logo can never be understood by the customer and so it has to be avoided. Instead of complexity, go for a simply logo design so that the viewers can understand and interpret the message you are trying to send.

Factor #2:

This is something that is interrelated with the first point. Your logo design needs to be memorable. And your logo can never be memorable if it is not simple. The reason why your logo needs to be memorable is because the purpose of the logo design is to stick to the viewer’s mind. Your logo design may be impressive but it is of no use if it is not memorable.

Factor #3:

The three basic things that make up a logo are designs or shapes, words and color. The 3rd factor you need to be careful about is the font. Make sure the font of the logo is legible. Use new and different fonts but don’t go overboard, stick to fonts that are stylish yet elegant and easy to read.

Factor #4:

The final element that makes up a good logo design is its color. The color of the logo plays a very important role in making it stand out and so you need to be wise while choosing them. Don’t go for personal taste but instead work according to your industry.

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