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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When people are looking for contracting services they often want to make a selection fast and they tend to settle for the first two or three online search results. Our SEO specialists will make sure that your specialty is on the first page, which will guarantee that customers in your particular location will find you right away without finding your competitors first.

Image Optimization: Tagging and effective placement of images are a must in order for new customers to find your services. Optimization of images is often the most overlooked feature when it comes to search optimization. We understand the importance of this.

Video Creation: Live videos and screen capture technology will not only grab the customers attention but will serve to educate and invite them to consult with you personally.

Video Marketing: We will enable you to take advantage of this exciting marketing technique that is currently captivating the world through video networking.

Content Creation: Our professional content creation team will create all kinds of ways to lead the customer to you through informative emails, lead magnets, press releases, educational blogs and articles.

Website Analytics: Tracking devices on your website will keep you up to date on every visitor and how each one is using your site, enabling you to see what is effective and what may not be working as well.

Directory Submission: Our team will see to it that your website is added to the best online web directories so that potential customers will be able to see the name of your business and how to contact you.

Generated Links: Everyone knows how important links are when it comes to SEO. A large network of links will make sure that customers never get farther than a click away.

Social Networking:In this world where social networking has become the norm for everyone, we cannot overemphasize the importance of it for business purposes. Does the thought of having to regularly update facebook or send out tweets about your business overwhelm you? That’s what we’re here for. We’ll set up your profile, provide unique backgrounds, add content and even find followers to get the word out about your contracting business.

Social Media: We can create bookmarks for your site on social media sites so that millions will notice your business.

Email Marketing: We’ll set up email subscriptions and content so that your customers and prospective customers will keep in touch and always be informed. An auto reply feature will save time.

Offline Marketing: Since most businesses are marketing their products and services online these days, some may not be aware that offline marketing is actually coming back into the big picture. Offline marketing is also still extremely effective and adds yet another way to provide exposure for your business.

Business Automation: Businesses  are always in need of keeping things organized and we are here to help you do that too. We will provide you with a virtual secretary and outsourcing for those little tasks that take up so much of your valuable time.

Another specialty of ours is Paid Media Campaigns, which gives almost instant results, as opposed to organic SEO which can involve quite a bit more time. Of course another option is to combine both Paid Media Campaigns and SEO for both quick and long-term results which result in lots of business.

Paid sources we provide to generate traffic:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Your perspective customers will be able to find you by utilizing advertising platforms such as those seen on Yahoo!, Facebook, Bing and Google’s Adword. We also promise to stay within your budget.
  • Pay Per View (PPV) or Cost Per View (CPV): This popular and proven way of advertising is considered to be highly cost-effective compared to so many other methods.
  • Contextual Ads: We are experts not only when it comes to placing your ads in all the right places but using those kinds of ads that attract the most attention and draw customers away from those businesses in competition with you.
  • Mobile Marketing: Cell phones are now used by people of all ages and are not going away. Smart businesses are quickly catching on to using mobile phones as an effective advertising tool. Mobile coupons,text advertising, and even social networking based on location are effective ways to increase visibility. We understand the importance of using all these successful strategies, and in addition can even generate special apps for smartphones to enhance your advertising campaigns.
  • Email List Rental: There’s no need to bother with the time consuming task of coming up with your own email list when we can provide a list that can be rented

You set your own goals and budget and whatever those goals and limits may be you can expect to have great success with our paid ad campaigns.

When customers are searching for services they will be able to easily find your advertisements which have been strategically placed on related search pages. Even better, those ads will appear on the cell phones of those who are in your local area.

Experience just how very powerful highly targeted search traffic can be. Contact us for a stress-free consultation today.

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